Wellcome Trust Medical Humanities China-UK (MHCUK) Masters Studentship Opportunities 中英医学人文双硕士学位奖学金项目(MHCUK)招募通知

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Applications are invited for the prestigious Wellcome Trust MHCUK Masters scheme which is a collaboration between a consortium of universities in China and the UK.  Six studentships are available for candidates to complete a Masters in the History of Health, or the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, at either the University of Strathclyde or the University of Manchester. Each studentship will pay relevant fees and travel costs as well as providing a maintenance allowance (or 'stipend') to cover the costs of accommodation and living expenses.

Eligible students must be registered on a postgraduate History degree at Shanghai University, the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences or Fudan University.  The expectation is that the student will complete the classes in the UK in year 2 of their Chinese Masters studies, and complete a dissertation in both English and Chinese in years 2 or 3 to enable them to graduate with a Masters degree in both the UK and China.  However, it is also possible for students completing a PhD at one of the Chinese partner institutions to apply for this opportunity if their supervisor agrees to this arrangement.

Applications should include the following:

        A one-page cv outlining key academic achievements.

       A 500 word application.  This should address two questions:

      What research topic in the Medical Humanities/Health History would you like to complete as part of your Masters degree?

Would you prefer to study on the degree at Manchester or at Strathclyde?  Please provide academic justification for your choice.  To find out more about the Centre for the Social History of Health and Healthcare (CSHHH) Glasgow, and the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM) follow the links below:

It may be an advantage if your research topic is related to one of the following key themes, and examines a historical period from 1700 to the present:

Pharmaceuticals, Medicines and Drugs

Infectious Diseases and their social, cultural and policy histories

Environment, and/or Climate, Change and Health History

Mental Health Histories

Animal Health and Human Societies

Applicants are encouraged to detail their intended primary evidence base where known. Useful archival sources in the UK include the National Archives ( and the Wellcome Collection (

The deadline for applications is 16 February 2022 and should be submitted to Caroline Marley (  Interviews will be conducted on 28 February 2022.  Successful applicants must have an IELTS score of 6.5 (no individual score below 6.0) by 30 June 2022.